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Sterlington, Louisiana
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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
2:23 pm
Name change
In light of recent growth in Sterlington I feel that Sterlington's name should be changed to represent it's new identity.  After some brief research I have concluded that Sterlington has about 9 personal storage buildings.  there's roughly 2 storage spaces for every home in the village.  Therefore, I propose that the new name of Sterlington be Storageburg.  I suppose it could be Wafflechurchville, but I like Storageburg better.
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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
4:03 pm
Well, I'm sure you all heard the news. They're selling the entire town of Sterlington to Cuba. If you live in Sterlington, start learning how to roll a cigar.
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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
12:40 pm
I'm Crystal and I no longer live in Sterlington. I lived there from fourth grade until I graduated high school in 2001. I now attend Louisiana Tech University and I am majoring in Biology. Ok, that's all for now.
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
8:35 pm
I'm Brad. Unfortunately I have lived in Sterlington all of my life. It's driven me quite mad. I attend University of Louisiana at Monroe where I spend my time creating magnificent ideas that never come to fruition. In short, I am an art major. I hardly know or remember anyone from my town or high school, with the exception of a few people. I think that it is for the best. It would be great if you could white-out the place you came from.
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8:01 pm
Welcome to Sterlington!
I'm glad you've found the Sterlington, Louisiana community on LiveJournal.com! Feel free to post pretty much anything you like here. Community events and the like are encouraged, but any topic is welcomed. Please introduce yourself when you join!

By way of introduction, I'm Meg Moore. My family moved to Sterlington when I was 6 months old. I graduated from Sterlington High School in 2001, the last class to graduate from the "old school". I'm currently attending ULM, majoring in pharmacy. I'm the creator and maintainer of this community, so if you need anything, feel free to email me at "megmoore at gmail dot com". Further contact info is found on my userinfo page in my personal journal.

Again, welcome!
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